Sunday, December 17, 2006

Night of the Hell Hamsters

Note: I'm interrupting my Amicus special to post a review of a short film that I recently watched.

Synopsis: The film opens with a young woman babysitting a couple of kids when her boyfriend shows up. After letting him in she asks if he has brought it. The it being an Ouija board that she wants to try out. Well things don’t go too well and the couple manages to summon a demon that possesses the family’s hamsters.

The Good: This is a great short film. The film looks sharp and the audio is clear. The actors do a great job, and have great timing. Mostly though this short is a showcase for the writer and director. The story is silly and makes for a fun time. The direction of the film is also outstanding, with the necessary comedic timing executed to perfection.

The Bad: My only real issue with this film is that it was over too fast and left me wanting more.

The Score: 4 out of 4

If you get a chance to see this short while it plays the film festival circuit make the time. It is great fun and worth the effort.

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